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AB-dots art glass handmade knob
AB-iridescent art glass handmade knob
AB-marble art glass handmade knob
AB-waves art glass handmade knob
acorn large knob
acorn small knob
agate ceramic knob
ahnk knob
almond knob
aluminum/brass knobs (sandcast)
aluminum/bronze knobs ((lost wax)
aluminum tiebacks/ holbacks
aluminum wall hooks
amber DPG23 glass knob
amber DPG33 glass knob
amber DPG40 glass knob
amethyst ceramic knob
amethyst glass tieback
angel knob
angel tieback/holdback
antique blue ceramic knob
antique gold knobs = see metal knobs, all can be plated to antique gold finish
antique green ceramic knob
antique grey ceramic knob
apple brass/aluminum knob (sandcast)
apple bronze/aluminum knob (lost wax)
aqua DPG33 glass knob
aqua DPG40 glass knob
arrowhead knob
art glass handmade knobs

bass jumping" knob
bee knob
bin pulls
bird facing left knob
bird facing right knob
bird tiebacks/holdbacks
black onyx ceramic knob
blue aqua glass knobs
blue cobalt glass knobs
blue enamel ceramic knob
blue marble ceramic knob
blue pepper ceramic knob
blue stone ceramic knob
boards = display/sample boards for trade
bodhisattva knob
bone knob
bottle recycled glass knobs
bottle stoppers
brass/aluminum knobs (sandcast)
brazil nut knob
brontosaurus knob
bronze/aluminum knobs (lost wax)
bronze ceramic knob
buddha head knob
butterfly drapery/shower curtain hooks
butterfly large knob
butterfly medium knob
butterfly oval knob
butterfly small knob
butterfly tiebacks /holdbacks

carnival collection glass knobs
cat knob
celadon ceramic knob
ceramic bead tieback/holdback
ceramic knobs
chestnut ceramic knob
children's room hardware
clear glass DPG22 knob
clear glass DPG33 knob
clear glass DPG44 knob
clear glass DPG40 knob
clear glass tiebacks/holdbacks
clear recycled bottle glass knobs
cobalt blue bottle glass knobs
cobalt blue recycled glass knob
cobalt ceramic knob
coke bottle glass knobs
color enameled knobs= see metal knobs, all can be color enameled
conch shell knob
confetti recycled glass knobs
copper plated knobs = see metal knobs, all can be plated to oxidized copper finish
cosmos ceramic knob
crab knob
cream ceramic knob
crown knob

daisy picture hooks
dark blue ceramic knob
display boards for the trade
dragonfly knob
dog knob
door knobs
double metal wall hook
DPG1 through DPG9 recycled bottle glass knobs
dragonfly drapery/shower curtain hooks
drapery/shower curtain hooks
drapery tiebacks/holdbacks
emerald ceramic knob
emerald green glass tiebacks/holdbacks
emerald green recycled bottle glass knobs
emerald green recycled glass knobs
enameled knobs = see our metal knobs as they all can be enameled

feather pull
feathers ceramic knob
fish knob
fish drapery/shower curtain hooks
fish holdbacks /tiebacks
fish pull
flower bin pull
flower knob
flower picture hook
frog drapery/shower curtain hooks
frog knobs

galaxy ceramic knob
ginger ceramic knob
glass knobs - artistic glass
glass knobs - recycled bottle glass
glass knobs - recycled glass
glass tiebacks/holdbacks
glow-in-the-dark knobs
gold leaf bird tieback
gold leaf pear tieback
grapes bronze knob
green glass knobs - recycled glass
green glass knobs - recycled bottle glass
green leaf ceramic knob
green pepper ceramic knob

handle - decorative feather handle
handle - decorative fish handle
handle - decorative rock handle
handle - decorative root handle
handle - decorative twig handle
handle - DPH1, DPH2 plain metal handles
handle- sub zero refrigerator, scroll handles
handle with ceramic bead insert
handmade glass bead knobs
hazelnut knob
holdbacks for drapery: glass, metal, ceramic
hooks - decorative picture hooks
hooks - for drapery/shower curtains
hooks - wall mounted single/double hooks for towels etc
horseshoe knob

Indian head knob
ivory ceramic knob

jade ceramic knob
jade glass tiebacks
jewel drapery/shower curtain hooks
jumping bass knob

kokopelli knob

leaf bin pull
leaf drapery/shower curtain hooks
leaf glass / metal tieback
leaf metal knob
lemon metal knob
light blue ceramic knob
light blue glass knob (crystal clear glass with light blue and light green specks)
lighthouse metal knob
lime ceramic knob
little pinecone metal knob
lizard metal knob
longhorn metal knob

metal drapery tiebacks/holdbacks
metal knobs
milky white ceramic knob
monkey knob
moss ceramic knob
multicolor confetti glass knob

nantucket basket
natural brass knobs
nutmeg ceramic knob
napkin rings

onyx stone cabinet knobs
onyx ceramic knob
opal glass tiebacks/holdback
oval butterfly knob
owl knob

palm tree knob
peach knob
peacock ceramic knob
pear knob
pear tiebacks/holdbacks
pearl-pink glass tiebacks/holdbacks
pebble knob
pecan nut knob
persian handle
peridot glass tiebacks/holdbacks
periwinkle ceramic knob
pewter-colored ceramic knob
picture decorative hooks
pig knob
pineapple knob
pinecone knob
pink ceramic knob
pink glass tiebacks/holdbacks
plum beautiful ceramic knob
polished brass knobs- see our metal knobs since most of them are available in polished brass finish
polished brass tiebacks - see our metal tiebacks since most of them are available in polished brass finish
purple ceramic knob

rabbit knob
recycled bottle glass knobs
recycled coke bottle glass knobs
recycled glass knobs
red country enamel ceramic knob
red pepper ceramic knob
resin bird tiebacks
resin pear tiebacks
robin's egg ceramic knob
rock handle
rock knob
root handle
rose glass tieback/holdback
rose metal knob large
rose metal knob small
rose metal tieback/holdback
round rock knob
royal fantasy ceramic knob
ruby ceramic knob

sand ceramic knob
sage ceramic knob
sapphire ceramic knob
sapphire glass tieback
scallop shell metal knob
scarab metal knob
scroll handles & knobs
seafoam glass knobs
sea urchin metal knob
shell - conch metal knob
shell metal tiebacks
silver leaf bird tieback
silver leaf pear tieback
single wall hooks
starfish drapery/shower curtain hooks
starfish metal knob
starfish metal tiebacks
stegosaurus metal knob
stonewash green ceramic knob
stonewash grey ceramic knob
stonewash pink ceramic knob
strawberry metal knob
sunflower glass tiebacks
sunflower metal knob
sunflower metal tiebacks
sycamore metal knob

triceratops metal knob
turtle drapery/shower curtain hooks
turtle metal knob
tree metal knob
twig metal handle
turquoise ceramic knob
topaz recycled glass knobs
tiebacks: metal, glass, resin, ceramic
topaz glass tiebacks

urchin - sea urchin knob

verdigris knobs - please see our metal knobs since they are all available in verdigris patina
verdigris tiebacks

wall hooks: single, double
walnut husk metal knob
walnut metal knob
white country enamel ceramic knob

yellow recycled glass knob (clear glass with copper and yellow specks)